Sunday, January 7, 2018

Leap of Faith

It's weird to kick off a year of posts about books with the final book in a trilogy, but there you have it -- the luck of the draw.

Leap of Faith is the final book in my far-future trilogy (composed of Human Touch, Living Proof, and Leap of Faith). This trilogy is penultimate group of books for the series I'm currently writing -- the Endless American Dream series, which will have (Lord willing) 14 books total.

Yep, you read that right. 14 books. There are 9 books set in current day. One book set 2 generations from now. One book set 4 generations from now. Then these 3.

Here's the odd thing: I wrote these 3 books knowing that I would be writing the first 12 someday. But I only had vague ideas of the plot lines, although I did know the characters.

So I created this trilogy years ago and now I'm writing the 12 books that lead up to it. I have Books 1-7 done. I'm writing Book 8. I have book 11 done. Yeah, I keep busy ...

So what can I tell you about Leap of Faith? This entire trilogy is about politics, really. I tried to envision a society that had solved a lot of our problems: racism, inequality between the sexes, religious intolerance. I imagined what it would be like if those issues didn't exist. What would be the conflict?

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that there will always be conflicts -- it's just a matter of where they come from. And that's where Leap of Faith starts: a new race has been discovered on this imaginary planet, but where did they come from? And what effect will they have on the current inhabitants?

Dru Delaney is a planetary leader and her co-leader is Jak Exo Moreno. They have a lot to learn about trust, love, and leadership -- and it all culminates in this book.

I'll tell you about the other 2 books in the trilogy later, on their anniversary dates. For now, just tuck this one away in the back of your mind: you may want to revisit it later ...