Friday, February 2, 2018

A cross-country train trip ... heaven or hell?

This book is based (somewhat) on a real thing that happened.

A friend of mine (we'll call her Grace, like the Grace in my story) agreed to meet a guy for coffee. The guy was a friend of her cousin's husband. Grace was drop-dead beautiful but she was so unlucky in love. She just never found anybody who appreciated her for more than her beautiful face and body.

So she agreed to meet this guy, sight unseen. She goes to the meeting place, a guy approaches her, they start talking, and she thought "What a nice guy" -- score!

Well, it turns out he wasn't the guy she was supposed to meet. But it all worked out okay because she did eventually meet the original guy, they fell in love, got married, and happily ever after.

I took that little glimmer of an idea and came up with Grace, who meets a guy who is NOT the guy she's supposed to meet. He gives her something and that sets off a chain of events that go on halfway across the United States while Grace is on a vacation, what was supposed to be a leisurely train trip.

I had fun with the hero in this one. Ben is very self-assured, but he's getting older and he's worried he's too old for Grace. That doesn't stop him from enjoying some time with her (ahem), but in the long run, he's sure he can't have anything long-term with her.

See how it all works out in Lie To Me!