Friday, March 16, 2018

Righter or Writer -- you choose

This book came about because of my casino group. There are a few writer friends who I get together with and we go to a casino and brainstorm ideas for books.

One time we came up with ideas for "books we can't imagine writing" and I came up with "a male writer who writes under a female pen name who falls in love with a woman at a writers' conference, but he can't reveal who he is because he's there in disguise as his alter ego, the female writer".

Well, I took that idea and I twisted it a bit. Yes, the main character is male and it's in his point of view. And yes, he's a famous author writing as a woman. And he does go to a conference in drag, hiding his identity and he kind of likes a woman whom he met in an online forum.

But there's also a mystery thrown in there, one from the old Hollywood days ("old" in this case being the 1980s). I had so much fun researching for this book and coming up with ideas for how my main character can pass as a woman at a writing conference.

So here's Righter, about a writer out to right a wrong.