Monday, April 23, 2018

Pig Latin and romance ... what a combination!

The genesis of this book came about because I was attending a concert at the Minnesota State Fair.

Those who have been there know that the grandstand can be a dark spot at night. We were waiting for the show to start and I was watching the crowd down on the track. I thought, "Man, you could kill somebody there and nobody would be the wiser."


I wanted a quirky heroine, so I came up with Jane, who accepted a dare from a friend to write an erotic novel. Jane is a college professor, and I know a lot of college professors, and one thing led to another, and


I wanted Marcus to be the hero because he was a main character in another book ("Homicide and Hot Rods", previously discussed). He didn't get the girl in that book, but he does in this one.

Oh, and Pig Latin figures very heavily in this book. An-cay o-yay eek-spay IgPay Atin-Lay?