Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The book that started the Remembered Classics

Return with me to Oz, as you've never seen it before ...

This book was the first of the Remembered Classics books. Once I figured out the characters, the book sort of wrote itself. Then I had a terrible thought:

What about copyrights?

You see, Frank Baum wrote 13 Oz books and most of those were out of copyright. But there are other Oz books (yes, there are, like 30 more Oz books), and there's the movie. I was worried I might be stepping on a toe or two.

So I consulted a literary attorney and had her read the manuscript, and also have her approve the other books I wanted to write (Flyer, based on Peter Pan; King Arthur; Robin Hood, and so on). We came up with a game plan -- the book that's here today. For all of my Classics books, I follow the book, not the movies (Peter Pan, for example).

If you check my Character lists, I think you'll see what I mean.

So return with me to an Oz you think you know -- then check my character list and see if you guessed correctly! The Wickeds motorcycle gang, Dorothy, Leo Burt, Drew Strawn and the rest of the people you know and love ...