Monday, September 17, 2018

Learning to live with the past

This one is my ghost story. Everybody loves a good ghost story, right?

The heroine is haunted by her late husband, a firefighter who died in a fire after they had a huge argument. As she tries to understand what happened to him, she meets someone else who's trying to understand his late wife.

This book is a story of second chances, of learning to put the past behind us, and learning to step forward. It's hard to move on, hard to make changes. Those kinds of things make us take a look at ourselves and evaluate who we are. It's also about aging and dying with dignity because one of the main characters is an old woman who's trying to do her best to preserve her farm.

This book also allowed me to bring closure to another character from Twistered. Jack found his true love in this story, and I was able to give him a happy ending.

So think about guilt and ...