Here are the most recent releases in Mystery.

I wrote this book on a dare, I guess you could say, just like the main character in the book writes his novel on a dare. I was dared to come up with a romantic premise that just couldn't work, and I came up with a guy who has a female pen name and he falls in love with a woman who writes lesbian fiction.

Think about that for a minute.

Well, the book didn't quite work out with that premise, but it came out pretty close.

Gilt was one of the first books I wrote. I remember submitting it to a contest and the judge saying, "You know, this doesn't sound like a romance."

No, it isn't a traditional romance. This is a mystery about a failed romance. A woman is visited by the ghost of her dead husband while the investigation into his death is reopened, 2 years after he died. She has always felt guilty about his death because she's afraid their arguments distracted him and caused his death in that terrible fire.

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