Saturday, November 11, 2017

Ah, NaNoWriMo: an odd month for me

I don't usually acknowledge NaNo (National Novel Writing Month) because I'm so disciplined I can easily write a book in 3 months -- I don't need anyone cracking a whip to make me write.

But I do need someone to crack a whip to make me think about business, so I'm using NaNo to work on business plans, work on my self-pubbed books, and figure out where I'm going in the future. I've been published now for 10 years and it's time to try to map out the next 10 -- if I can!

I'll be back in 2018 with at least one new book (and maybe 2 or 3 if I figure out the self-pubbed angle), plus I hope to lay the groundwork to finish the Dream Series and consider launching that.


Monday, October 9, 2017

California here I come

I'm heading to California later this week for the Ind'Scribe conference (details here). I haven't been to a writing conference for awhile, so this should be fun.

I admit, I don't enjoy plane travel like I used to. Now it's just a chore. Road trip: yeah, I love 'em. Plane trips? Not so much. So I have to get past that part of it to really enjoy myself.

I finished another manuscript this summer -- it took about 3 months to write, and I have no idea if it's any good. I'll do a re-read when I get back from the conference.

Then, what's next? A casino outing with friends, then I'll dig back into the Endless American Dream series. Today's political scene has given me some great ideas for what NOT to do in government.

There's inspiration everywhere these days ...

Sunday, July 16, 2017

How I'm spending my summer (note I don't say 'vacation')

As you know, I work full-time in a Day Job, and write whenever I can, usually in the evenings. So there really isn't a summer vacation for me because if I'm not doing one, I'm doing the other. Don't get me wrong: I love writing, but there are times when it's nice to do one or the other, not both.

So I did that for a few weeks. I finished my latest manuscript in mid-June and I took a month off from writing. Oh, I did revisions and reviews, and I started jotting down a few scenes for a new book, but mostly I just did the Day Job and nothing else.

I read a few books, I did a bit of gardening, I watched some movies ... and I got bored. So I'm back to writing something new and totally different. I am curious to see how this goes.

Stay tuned ... updates to come in a month or so!

Monday, April 17, 2017

New book!

This is my King Arthur book, in which a woman who is terrified of water lives by a lake and she finds a marvelous old sword, which leads her to a man, which leads her to ... adventure!

Here are all the different buying options for you.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Lilacs is on sale!

Almost 6 years to the day when it first released, the first book in the Deadly Landscaping series is on sale:

This is the story of Cassie Whittington, an almost-heiress who stands to inherit a million bucks. If she isn't killed, first.


Saturday, February 11, 2017

Cover reveal!

My 2nd "Remembered Classics" book is coming out in April. I confess, there are a couple of scenes in this book that I love and I read over and over again. The one where Vivian handles the sword and Luther watches her hand it to Arthur; the one where she's hanging the fabric artwork and Luther realizes her name is Vivian. The one in the lake where ...

Well, you have to read it to find out! I'll post links here when the book is live. Until then -- here's my beautiful cover!