Wednesday, October 10, 2018

New book alert!

My Robin Hood book is out today!

This is the story of Tucker Frye, a transplanted Southerner who owns a pub with Alan Dale. John Smalley makes an appearance, Guy Gibson is one of the bad guys (or is he?), Marian runs the newspaper, and Richard owns an agribusiness egg factory. Tucker's nephew has gone undercover at the chicken farm to expose the inhumane conditions, and when he turns up dead, Tucker gets involved.

Oh, and did I mention Rob Huntington is in the book, too?

The whole crew you remember from your childhood stories and TV shows are there, but with a bit of twist ... here's the question:

What if Robin really was a hood?

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

I now have time to write!

Yes, you read that right.

I am retired. Or, very close to it. My last working day is tomorrow (September 28) and after that, I'll actually have time to devote to what I've been wedging in here and there -- my fiction writing.

I have the Endless American Dream series, almost finished (9 of 11 books are written). I have the Celestial Service series started (not published yet). I have 4 more Remembered Classics to submit to my editor. And I plan to re-issue my reincarnation stories.

Yep. I think I'll be busy!

Monday, September 17, 2018

Learning to live with the past

This one is my ghost story. Everybody loves a good ghost story, right?

The heroine is haunted by her late husband, a firefighter who died in a fire after they had a huge argument. As she tries to understand what happened to him, she meets someone else who's trying to understand his late wife.

This book is a story of second chances, of learning to put the past behind us, and learning to step forward. It's hard to move on, hard to make changes. Those kinds of things make us take a look at ourselves and evaluate who we are. It's also about aging and dying with dignity because one of the main characters is an old woman who's trying to do her best to preserve her farm.

This book also allowed me to bring closure to another character from Twistered. Jack found his true love in this story, and I was able to give him a happy ending.

So think about guilt and ... 

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Release day is coming up

My Robin Hood book, Woulds, will be releasing in a few weeks. The heroine, Tucker Frye, co-owns a pub with Alan Dale. I'll post information about the book when it releases, but for now, let me share the cover. Note the bloody fingerprint on the beer mug.

My kind of cover ...

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

The beginning of the end ... so to speak

This was the first book in my "New Human" series, and it's the start of the penultimate trilogy for the series I'm writing now, the Endless American Dream.

I started with a premise: what happens if you have a world where prejudice, inequality, and poverty have been eliminated. Where is the conflict? What happens?

Well, politics happen, of course. There are always people who will jockey for more power. At the heart of this story is a story of inequality and deception, all set on a planet far away with people very like us but ... different.

This is the story of a man who's not quite human and a woman who doesn't fit in society and how they find each other and somehow, become more human because of it.

Here's Human Touch.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Small town, undercover hero who's not so undercover, and a savvy Mom


Once again, one of my favorite books. This was from early in my career and it was so much fun to write. It combined my love of computers, small towns, and sexy FBI agents who are facing issues in their lives.

Nick Baxter goes "undercover" in a small Iowa town. The thing is, everybody in town knows who he is. And the woman he's supposed to be watching knows exactly who he is because she's a computer hacker plus her father is ex-CIA.


This has a marvelous cast of characters who went on to star in books of their own. But this is the one that started it -- Brilliant Disguise