Saturday, April 20, 2019

We have a live link!

Well, it's live on Amazon and soon on Barnes & Noble:

Pried, my homage to Pride and Prejudice -- featuring Jane Austin (no, not the Jane Austen), Fitz Williams, Mr. Collins, Mrs. Burge, and a cast of characters dedicated to land fraud, saving turtles, and romance -- of course!

This is my 36th romance (not all of them are still in print, but hey, it counts)!!!!

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Sometimes life hands you a wake-up call

That's what happened with the Spousal Unit the other day. Long story short: blood clots on the lungs. The doctor spoke to us post-treatment and said, "I normally have this talk with the widow."

Yep, he dodged the Big Bullet, only because he's been so active up to now. But lately he's been sitting a lot because he's doing a lot of writing (working on a screenplay).

So I bought him a Fitbit and told him to keep moving. I understand sitting for long periods; heck, I do it all the time. But I also get up and move on a regular basis.

The moral of the story: move it or lose it -- lose it all!

Sunday, March 24, 2019

My hands are tired

I ended up rewriting book 8 of my Endless American Dream series, pillaging bits and pieces from book 7 (which I then ended up editing) and bits and pieces from the current book 8. I finished that on March 15, took time to review a mystery to submit to my editor, now I'm on to Book 9.

This is the final book in the series and I FINALLY know the key points I need to wrap up. I've been working on this series for years and never had a clear end game in mind. Well, now I do. I just have to get it on the page.

I set a goal of June 1 to be done. Stretch goal, for sure. But it might be doable.

Wish me luck.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Copy, paste, stupid

If you're not in Publishing Land, you're probably unaware of a big copyright/plagiarism scandal occurring right now. I'll add a link about it all. There are a lot more links out there (just google it and you'll see).
The bottom line is: some people copy, wholesale, what other authors have written, mush it all into a book, then slap it on Amazon and make money off it. I will not call those people authors.
Have I been copied? Maybe. I honestly don't know. I know my books have pirated (copied and put on a site where people can just download them for free). Not much I can do about it except get angry.
Readers: please. Pay a fair price for a book. Believe me, 99% of authors are NOT getting rich. We're writing our stories because we want to write them.
And copiers: don't piss off a romance author. You seriously do not want to tangle with them.
Here's a link that describes it all. Or go to Twitter and put in the hashtag. You'll see what's happening.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Bring on spring!

February has been more challenging than usual. I always think of it as the longest month. It's a transition month and those are bad. We're getting tired of winter, spring is too far away, autumn is a pale memory, and it's day after day of crappy weather.
I don't mind the cold. I don't mind the snow. Ice, though -- Father Weather and Mother Nature can just shove that you-know-where. One day last week we had rain, wee tiny snowballs, sleet, snow, more wee snowball things, then sleet again. It was like a weather machine gone bonkers.
But, again: perspective. I am warm, I am dry, I have ample firewood and wine, my electricity is on and I have food in the fridge. Life. Is. Good.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Life is change, I know, but ...

I now have 5 orphan books.


Yes, a second publisher closed up shop. Now my Dalton family mysteries (Shadow of Doubt, Brilliant Disguise, Lie to Me, and Nowhere to Run) are homeless.

These books are all tied together in that the main characters either know each other or are related to each other. I have plans to add If Not To You into this mix and make the ties between the books even stronger, making a 5-book set.

"Plans" being the operative word. For now, it will just have to wait. I am deep into writing in my current world (the dystopian future 9-book series) and I don't want to pull out of it to focus on business stuff.

I love these homeless books. They're some of my earlier work, but I think they stand the test of time. I hope to give them some of my time later this year.

Until then ... fingers, don't fail me now. I have two books to write by July 1.