This is a page for my newsletters -- I've been writing a newsletter since I started in publishing and now I'm doing 6 newsletters a year.

  • January/February, with my annual "how to stop getting newsletters and privacy" info and news about a new book coming out this year.
  • March/April, talking about a major edit that's done and a new book that's underway.
  • May/June, in which monsters are discussed (purely in terms of writing, of course).
  • July/August, where I talk more about monsters, AI, and possible querying plans.

  • January/Februarywhere we once again have the Privacy Policy chat, and I talk about book covers and my plans for the year (ambitious!)
  • March/Aprilin which a new book coming soon is discussed, some insights into Pub Land, and talk about The Scottish Play.
  • May/June, where I talk about 3 new books coming this summer and the author angst of editing ... again
  • July/August, in which I show off the nifty ads for my new books and a new cover!
  • September/October, where I talk about a release date for a new book this year.
  • November/December, where I talk about the 5 books that released this year and the 4 books I wrote.

  • January/February, where we once again have the Privacy Policy chat, and I tell how the move went (terrible), and what's next.
  • March/April, where I show off a new cover and give an update on manuscripts finished and ones in progress.
  • May/June, where I talk about gardening (or lack thereof) and a new book coming out next year.
  • July/August, where I show off a new cover and talk about the trials and tribulations of editing. Sigh.
  • September/October, where I give a release date and talk about how much fun I'm having writing.
  • November/December, where I update you all on my 14th year in publishing. It's been a lot of fun and I'm not done yet!