Sunday, June 12, 2011

So much to do, so little time!

Packing to move has consumed a lot of my attention lately, but other things are zooming along nicely:

All three books in the Deadly Landscaping Romances are now out (see previous posts and the shopping link for how to find 'em).

I have Book 3 in the History Patrol series ready to upload. Will do that before I move, I think.

I'm half-done with my Work in Progress, tentatively entitled Righter. It's about a man (an author) who goes undercover as a woman at a writer's (get it? writer? righter?) conference to catch a killer and he ends up falling in love with a woman attendee there, but he's in drag, so ... it gets complicated (grin).

I've finished edits to Twistered, my "homage to the Wizard of Oz" book. I hope to upload that later this year.

I'm doing edits to Mist, my kidnapping book ("I was captured and held against my will. Then I escaped. Now it's time for my revenge"). See the cover in a previous post. I LOVE that cover.

What else? Let's see, having some health issues (chronic pain in back and hips) but the good news is we've ruled out the biggies: MS, ALS, Lyme Disease, etc. For now it's "non-specific chronic inflammatory neurological disorder" or PAIN. I can cope but I have to rest a lot. What a hassle. I'm not a resting kind of person.

Still working full-time and will be keeping my job and telecommuting when I move. I've got some major deadlines at work, so that's keeping me jumping.

Busy busy! So forgive me if I don't update here often. I appreciate you stopping and I promise, once I get moved and am no longer using a temporary desk made out of boards and packing boxes, I'll be more thorough in my updates.

Happy summer!