Thursday, September 29, 2011


I'm on vacation and this trip has taught me a few things about trust.

We went to a store in Ely. It's actually 2 stores (Mealey's in Ely or There's a gift store, then a small garden then another gift store. The 2nd store has more high-end items. The first one is just small eclectic things.

The 2nd store was closed the day we were there. I mentioned to the clerk how disappointed we were because we were traveling from out of town. "Oh, I'll unlock it for you. Go in and look around. If you find something you want, bring it over here and I'll ring it up for you."

Wow. We spent a fun time in the store, exploring everything and yes, we bought some items. Quite a few, actually.

The other 'trust' moment was today. There were 2 trust moments, actually. First was the crossing to the shore. We're staying in a cabin on a peninsula across from the shore. It's cold, windy, and choppy today on the lake. My husband and I have a small boat we use to go back and forth, but I thought today was more than we should attempt: we're not real sailors, we're just the occasional boater kind of person.

My husband said not to worry. It wasn't too choppy, we could handle it (as in "he could handle it" because I don't pilot the boat). I shut up, put on my life jacket, and got in the boat and you know what: he handled it just fine. Yes, it was bumpy and scarier than usual, but we made it.

Trust that he knows what he's doing.

And third: I went to a store in town today (the town is about 600 people big and is finally breathing a sigh of relief that tourists have left). I wanted to buy about $60 worth of merchandise for gifts, but they didn't take credit cards. So the clerk "opened an account for me" and told me to just mail the check when I get home.

I'm 500 miles away from here and he said, "Oh, just drop a check in the  mail on Monday."


I need to remember this lesson ....