Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A quick update, to tell you what is coming

The good news is, I'm busy writing and am almost done with my latest book (Righter, which is about a man who tries to set things right and who is also a writer. Punny, no?)

In January, I hope to release Mist, followed in April by Twistered, followed in August by Gilt then finishing the year in December with Righter. I'm going the Indy route with these, putting them on Smashwords, etc. I believe I will have Mist available at CreateSpace as well, because it is an awesome book with a gorgeous cover and I love it. So there.

I'll update here once a month or when I can. I'm under the gun at the Paycheck Job, we're being sued by the person who bought our old house, we're still getting settled in the new house, and I'm traveling a lot. Other than that, I've got tons of time to chat!