Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ah, good intentions

Well, I meant to update my Welcome blog on a daily basis, but alas, life intruded. I got busy.

I am going to update it twice a week from now on. When I can -- for example, I'm traveling this weekend, going to Chicago for the Love Is Murder conference. So I probably won't update it on Saturday. But by gum, I'll try to update it on Wednesday before I leave!

As to book news: I'm working on 2 new books. One is a hush-hush secret because it's part of a new, um, type of murder mystery (and that's all I'll say for now). I hope to have it out later this year. It's like Twistered, in a way. It's called Woulds and I'm very excited about it.

The other is the first book in my dystopian America series. I anticipate 7 books in all for that series, spanning three generations of one family. Yes, it's ambitious, but I'm determined. I love these characters and the story, so I'm plugging away at it.

I go back and forth between the two, and it's working very very well. I usually focus on one book at a time, but I'm finding I have a fresh approach to each book after a day or two away from it. So stay tuned here for more about Woulds -- I'm curious how it will be received (lips are zipped, no more talk!)

As reviews come in for Mist, I'll report back here on my self-publishing experiment. I haven't been disappointed so far, but I haven't been wowed yet, either. But my stories are out there so I figure, it's all good. Ever the optimist, that's me!