Sunday, April 1, 2012

April 1, no fooling

As I noted in my Real Blog, I think I have resolution on my literary legal issues. My other legal issues (with the buyer of my house in MN) is another matter and one which I don't want to discuss in a public forum (hmpf).

So here we are, it's April, and I'm LOOKING AHEAD. I have a new book ready to release and here's the pretty cover. This is my firefighter-ghost book, and I am loving the cover because it's got all the elements from the story: the hands in the background, the fire, the firefighter.


I hope to release Gilt in early May after I proofread it ONE MORE TIME. After what happened with Mist, I am not taking any chances.

That still irks the crap out of me. Anyway, I'll announce here when Gilt is ready for consumption. After that, it's on to Righter. Then next year it will be Twistered, Flyer, and Wholes (Oz, Peter Pan, and Alice). And after that -- who knows? Maybe the Endless American Dream series will finally release.

Fun times ahead!