Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Nose down in the Writing Cave

I have been writing like a crazy person for the last few months, working on my Endless American Dream series. So that's why you haven't seen me here.

No new books to report. I have some ready to go, but I'm going to wait. I just finished edits for my upcoming Wild Rose book, to be released next year, and I finished rewrites on Your Saving Grace, now called Tried. My latest WIP, Dogged, is done and ready to edit and Woulds has been proofed and is waiting for rewrites.

But I'm so busy writing I'm putting all of that on hold until the end of the year. The first volume of the Endless American Dream will be ready by January 1 (as long as my fingers don't lock up on me!)

So expect a lot of news at the first of the year, because that's when I'll head back into Mystery land. Until then, here's a new cover to whet the appetite: