Thursday, September 11, 2014

Progress progress progress

I'm feverishly working on the Endless American Dream series. I took a week to just think about the plot for the next 3 books (Volume 2), so I have a clear sense of direction to work toward. I'm about halfway done with Book 4, have a large amount of Book 5 blocked out, and have a glimmer of ideas for Book 6.

My goal was to work on this until Dec. 31 this year, but I may extend that goal. Or I may shift my focus briefly and write another mystery (I have ideas simmering), then come back to this more or less full-time.

I have 4 mysteries in the bag, ready to release, and am waiting to hear back from an editor about whether she wants them or not. If she does -- yay! I'm set for a few years, and can focus on the Dream series. If not, I'll have to hone them and continue to shop them around, or self-pub them, but I'd rather have a publisher for those books.

So in short: keeping busy! I'll report back  on if I get a contract or not. Fingers crossed!