Thursday, October 23, 2014

And the epic continues!

I am making amazing progress on the Endless American Dream series. I'm almost done with book 4. I have Booker's chapters finished, 2 more Emma chapters to write, then 7 Drew chapters to write. I think I can finish it by December 1 (my goal), then assemble it all and do some critical editing.

In January I want to start writing a new mystery and kick off my new adventure: a year of promo. I do little or no promotion for my books, so I'm designating 2015 as The Year of Promotion. I'll focus on promotion every day, in some way shape or form, along with my writing. I hope to work on the Dream series from March until December next year.

I also want to find a publisher for my Children's Classic Mysteries (my re-write of the Arthur story, Peter Pan, etc.) I'm not getting any feedback from the editor I pitched to, so I'm going to move on and find someone else. Or Wild Rose, but I'm not sure they're right for them.

I shall report back on my progress, of course.

Tomorrow I'm off to the casino to plot a new book (see note above about writing in January). Wish me luck on the slots!