Sunday, January 4, 2015

What's up in 2015?

Everybody makes goals for the year, and here are mine:

1. Find a publisher for my cozy mystery series. I love my romance publisher (Wild Rose Press), but this is a mystery series and it needs a different publisher, I think.

2. Write two books before May 1. These are two more books to join the 4 books already done for the Remembered Classics Mystery series (see #1). Two books, 4 months? Crazy? Just maybe.

3. Spend May to December (hmm. Is there a song there?) working on the Endless American Dream series.

4. PROMOTE Promote PROMOTE. I have 20+ books in my freakin' back list. Get out there and sell those puppies!

5. Everything else: world peace, lose 20 pounds, exercise more, drink less. The usual.

Okay, the goals are on paper, so to speak. Let's see if I can do it!