Tuesday, March 15, 2016

I am mostly AWOL right now

I meant to have another book on sale this month, but life got in the way.

First I had a Major Event that I was managing, so that sucked up my life for the first week of the month.

Then my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer, so I flew to California to help her out after surgery.

Then my mother-in-law fell ill and I had to fly out to Pennsylvania. She passed away and we had the funeral and family matters to attend to. I just returned last week, so am getting caught up with Paycheck Work and, well, life.

I just had Lilacs on sale this month and can't give you a lowered price elsewhere.

I hope to have the second book in the Deadly Landscaping Series on sale this Friday (April 1: no joke!) and will have another book on sale in April.

Back to normal (I hope!)