Friday, April 6, 2018

The first Deadly Landscaping mystery

This book kicked off a 3-book series and it's a series I wasn't sure would ever get published.

At the time (a few years back), my publisher didn't like to do series with the same characters. I'm not sure why, but to make a long story short, I pitched the entire series AFTER I wrote the books. I submitted all 3 books to my editor, all the synopses, the blubs and tag lines: everything all at once.

She read the books, loved them, and helped convince my publisher to pick them up. We released them back to back, one a month, in April, May, and June.

A hectic burst of activity that year, for sure.

Anyway, here's the kickoff book to the Deadly Landscaping Romances, in which Carrie (who has an interesting history with the Whittington family) stands to inherit a million bucks -- maybe. There's the pesky problem of the body in the greenhouse to deal with, her ex-husband who still loves her, and a new boss who might be a new love interest.

And that's just for starters ....