Monday, August 6, 2018

Middle book, awesome hero

This is the 2nd in my New Human series. I started the series with Human Touch, in which I introduced these characters. The two main characters in HT are secondary characters here. I continue their story but other characters step in.

This entire 3-book series is the finale of my "Endless American Dream" series, which I am currently writing. These are the descendants of my characters in the Dream books and I had fun figuring out ways to distort their view of "history" -- the history I am currently writing.

Living Proof also introduces Jak Exo, one of the most interesting heroes I've ever written. He's a man with many facets, some of which aren't revealed until the final book, Leap of Faith. I had to be careful what to reveal and what to hide as I wrote this.

Oh, and this book was one of mine that got an RT Book Review (back in the day) and a four-star review. I was pretty happy with that ...