This is a page for my newsletters -- I've been writing a newsletter since I started in publishing and now I'm doing 6 newsletters a year.

Here's all the news from 2019 (ongoing):
  • January/February, in which I talk about my privacy policy, my new job, and writing two books in the time I normally write one.
  • March/April, where I show off the cover for my next release and I share the news about selling another Remembered Classics book.
  • May/June, talking about reviewing galley proofs, tackling a new Remembered Classics book, and sharing news about upcoming travel.
  • July/August, with a picture of my new cover and an update on travel adventures and release dates.
  • September/October, talking about upcoming releases, finished manuscripts, and future plans.

Here are the ones from 2018:
  • January/February, in which I talk about my book release for Flyer, the Peter Pan gone wrong story.
  • March/April, where I talk about the next book in the Remembered Classics series: Woulds.
  • May/June, where I talk about the angst I underwent to get my wiki (successfully!) transferred
  • July/August, where I have a cover reveal and a release date for Woulds!
  • September/October, in which I have buy links for Woulds and oh, yeah, I talk about being retired.
  • November/December, in which I talk about being un-retired -- and my plans for 2019.