Saturday, August 8, 2020

Adventures in Retirement is here!

 I am happy to announce that my re-vamped books are now available for purchase!

This has been a very interesting journey for these manuscripts. These are some of the very first books I wrote, way back in 2005. I saw a couple of them published in 2006, then a few more followed in the years after.

I was okay with how the books were written -- then. But in later years, I just didn't like some of the ways I handled the hero/heroine interaction, the emotions, and a couple of the plot points.

When the publishers folded (Cerridwen and Resplendence) I had the rights returned to me and I re-read them all. Lo and behold, I found a few plot HOLES I needed to fix! I rewrote the books and got new covers, and here they are! If you go to my Shopping page, you'll find out where to buy them -- LOTS of buying options!