Sunday, November 15, 2020

It's NaNo time in the city

 Yes, it's National Novel Writing Month and despite all that's happening, I am "doing" NaNo again.

We're slated to buy our new home in 3 weeks and sell our current home in 3 weeks+1 day. So I'm a bit busy, getting stuff packed, weeding out, organizing. I'm also getting ready to retire (again). As you may remember, I retired in 2018 only to take up a new type of job 2 months after I retired from the old one.

Well, now I'm going to retire -- for good, this time. We move in early December then at the end of the year I retire and start a whole new life.

But until then, it's NaNo. I'm going to write a novel this month. It's my Sleeping Beauty story. I'm making slow progress, but I'm making progress nonetheless. Which explains why I'm not around much--I'm busy!