Friday, January 1, 2021

A new year, a fresh start

 Well, we did move -- there was a week of chaos before and after the move. Our closing date kept shifting, we'd already sold our old house so weren't sure if we'd have to go into temporary  housing, then the movers showed up and we didn't have the keys yet -- and got the code for the garage and the movers moved us in and then we got the keys.

And then one of our cats suddenly and unexpectedly collapsed. She was one of the young cats and the most active, so we had no idea what was going on. I had a frantic drive to the new emergency vet (across town) 12 hours after we moved in. Tests were run and the vets were bewildered by the results. There was no way to tell what was happening; the only solution was surgery, but they didn't think she'd survive it.

So we had to have her euthanized while we held her in our arms. Here I am, 10 days later, and I'm still stunned by the suddenness, the loss, the shock. She was our most vibrant cat; I could easily visualize her in spots in this new house, exploring and having fun. But now she's gone. It will be a long time before I manage to put her death behind me. 

It reminds me that life is so ephemeral and we have no guarantees. 

A new year and a fresh start, but I'll carry the grief with me for the first few months at least.