Saturday, April 10, 2021

Deadlines met, new book coming, old books being reviewed

 I truly retired at the first of the year -- when I say "truly", that means I actually did it this time. I "retired" in 2018 from my high-tech career and took on the job of Master Gardener Coordinator for the county where I lived.

I took that job because 1) I'm a Master Gardener and 2) the position had a lot of turnover in previous years and so the organization of files and policies was in disarray. I thought I could get things somewhat organized and I enjoyed working with the MGs on all the projects they managed.

Well, it took 2 years but I got it mostly organized. We had the pandemic throw a monkey wrench into some things and then the derecho hit -- hurricane-force winds that blew for over an hour and we had no warning it was coming. The city lost 60% of its tree canopy and 1000s of homes were damaged. Recovery will take years.

I stayed until I was sure things were set up post-derecho and post-pandemic then I retired at the end of 2020. So for 3 months, I've had lots of time to:

  • move to a new town and a new home
  • finish writing two manuscripts
  • work on edits for an upcoming book, releasing in May
  • begin reviews of the 14-book series I want to release next year.
And I've also had time to relax -- a thing I didn't have much of before. This retirement thing is pretty sweet, I must say.

I'll be back in a few weeks to tout my next book -- the Little Mermaid story. If you've ever read the original LM, you'll know she was a stalker and a somewhat disturbed one at that. I've taken that character and put her into a new story with a few plot twists along the way.

Coming soon!