Thursday, August 5, 2021

Still making progress -- and another book on the way

 I'm making strides in editing my Big Series. I never realized how many compound sentences I had until I searched for "and". Whoa, Nelly.

So I'm cleaning up the standard writing structure, not focusing on plot, character, or story lines. It's a very time-consuming edit because it's literally looking at every word. These are Big Books -- more than 100K each, and there are 9 to review in the main series and 5 in the add-on series.

Yep. Keeping me busy.

And I have a new book coming out. The Wild Rose Press bought "Mirrored" which is my Snow White and the Seven Jocks books. Snow is one of my favorite characters, I must admit, and Brendan Royal, her gentleman friend, is pretty special, too.

Expect to see it next year sometime.

Now what to write next? I'm wavering between Little Red Riding Hood, Dracula, or Jekyll & Hyde. Decisions, decisions...