Thursday, January 11, 2024

What the heck am I doing?

 Talk about a trip down memory lane!

I decided to go back and re-read every published book of mine (30 or so at this point). There's two reasons for this: (1) just to re-acquaint myself with the characters and (2) cleaning out.

By 'cleaning out' I mean this: for each book I kept a physical notebook with snippets and pictures and house layouts and ... Stuff. I now have several bins of notebooks and when I went back and looked through them, I realized they might not be that useful.

So I'm reading the book, checking its notebook, and making notes about the characters, the plots, the locations, etc. If there's nothing really useful in the notebook, I'm tossing it. The note files are being stored both in One Note and in ReMarkable (my tablet thingie) because I'm paranoid about file backups. 😏

And I decided to post my thoughts about the books on my Facebook page every Sunday. Check it out! My author page is Jaye At Play.

This is a real trip down Memory Lane ...