Privacy Stuff

This privacy policy discusses how I collect, use, protect or handle your information on my site.

Simply put: I don't collect personal information from people who visit my site. People who subscribe to my newsletter give me their name and email address. They can be removed at any time by sending me an email.

Users can visit my site anonymously if they want to. I don't use any information if you give it to me other than how it's asked for: to get a newsletter from me. I may do a contest, survey, or some other promotional event in the future; you can easily opt out of doing that if you'd like. It'll be clearly stated how to do so.

Note that a lot of my content is stored on a website managed by my spouse and it's not via an HTTPS link. Because you're just viewing the content and not interacting with it, you should be fine, but just be forewarned about that. You can always check your security in the URL.

I don't explicitly protect your information. It's managed in a secure network and accessible only by me or others who have special access rights to those systems. We're all required to keep stuff confidential. If I know of a data breach that might affect you, I'll be sure to notify you. I don't use cookies, although the site administrator may. I don't know. You can easily clean out cookies or refuse to allow them to be used in your browser settings.

I don't sell or trade any personal info you give me to others. If I offer any third-party products or use affiliate links on my site, I'll make sure you know about it ahead of time. I provide links to my books as a courtesy to you (so you can find 'em fast!)

Let me know if you have questions: