Monday, February 6, 2012

No writing done, but ideas galore

I just returned from the Love Is Murder conference, which means I didn't have any time to do any writing for several days. BUT (and it's a big one, heh heh) I found the time away from my keyboard to be so very useful.


Allow me to tell you! I came up the titles for my next 3 books in my "good-bye America" series (the dystopian futuristic series). And I discovered the titles for each part of those 3 books, so 9 titles. Whee! I also had an epiphany about a couple more of my back list titles. I think I'll request the rights back and that led me to think of titles, and what do you know? I figured out titles for those AND what I want for cover art.

So stay tuned here -- looks like a busy few months coming up!