Monday, March 26, 2012

Updates, updates, & more updates

I am prepping a book for release this spring (or later this spring, I should say, since it appears we are going to actually have a spring season for once instead of just going right into summer).

I digress. The weather is so unusual I comment on it all the time.

Anyway: I'm prepping a book for release and I am peering at every word, my angst about typos, etc., making me super paranoid. I'm sure something will slip past, but I hope it isn't as egregious as the ones in Mist.


And I'm making HUGE strides in writing the Endless American Dream series. It's a 3-volume, 9 book series ... no wait. It'll be 3 volumes and 9 books for the FIRST series. Then 3 books for the next 2 series. Then the 3 book series that finishes it (already published).

Confused? I'm not because (drum roll) I have a super WIKI that keeps track of everything. When I start publishing the series, I'll open the Wiki to the public. Until then, suffice it to say: it is AWESOME and I love it because I can keep track of EVERYTHING.

My plans for the Childhood Murder Series may be on hold. I am having a lawyer vet my plans. I want to make sure I am not violating copyright or anything.

Sigh again.

If it turns out I can't do the CMS, then I'll change the people in the books and make them just basic mysteries. But the CMS was a great idea (is a great idea. I have hopes it'll pass legal muster).

April will be busy with the RT Convention in Chicago, but other than that, it's nose to the grindstone for me! In between gardening and swimming and other fun things. So there you are: more irons in the fire than can be handled at once, but hey, that's how I roll. I'll post covers as I get 'em and release dates when I know.

Happy spring!